Our story

Our adventures with Icelandic Horses started over 20 years ago, when brothers Clyde and Roger Haldane imported, 8 fillies and a colt in the mid 1990's, from Gudenadalen stud in Denmark. When Clyde passed away in 2005 the herd moved to Yambuk, Victoria from Colac and is now the oldest herd of purebred Icelandics in Australia. Rogers daughter Amy Haldane runs the herd and the promotion of Icelandics in Australia. 

Roger and Suzanne Haldane also own  Australias first and biggest herd of pure Italian water buffalo under the Shaw RIver Buffalo Cheese brand. www.shawriverbuffalo.com

The milk from the buffalo herd is handcrafted in our own factory into fresh yoghurt, mozzarella and a variety of hard cheeses. 

Clyde Haldane with a young Blika from Gudenadalen - one of the original foundation fillies from Denmark. 

What we do

  • Haldane Icelandic Horses breed, train, promote and sell icelandics in Australia.

  • We pride ourselves on providing practical and friendly pre and post purchase services 

Our goal is to create YOUR DREAM RIDE.

To match horse and owner for long term success and enjoyment.

Breeding aims :  to raise healthy, naturally gaited horses with excellent temperaments. 

Feel free to contact us for more information about the breed, to arrange a visit, meet the herd and to try a tolting horse.

We love having visitors and so do the horses.  

Port Fairy is an amazing place to stay if you would like a relaxing getaway by the sea, only 20 mins away from the farm. 


Amy Haldane  
Stud Manager 

Hello, I'm Amy and I've been working with the icelandic horses since 2006. Horse mad since a child I got my first horses at 12 and have spend a lifetime travelling overseas and farming all sorts of exotic animals. 

I love helping people find their perfect horse and enjoy matching rider with horse. I will always do my best to make sure that you are set up for success with your new horse. 

I've spent some time overseas in Iceland and Sweden getting to know people and the breed on its home soil. I have many good contacts and friends in the icelandic horse world - a very friendly and welcoming community. 

If you're after Icelandic Horse tack and resources I have a collection of lovely things for Icelandic horses. Like books, saddles, bridles and clothing in my "Viking Rider" store on Facebook. 

My sister Thea and I were founding members of the IHAA - Icelandic Horse Association of Australia and have held various roles on the committee over the years. I was also a founding member of the IHBRANZ the Kiwi Icelandic Association.  

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about our horses or for general enquiries. email me at info@icelandichorses.com.au or ph/text0431815880 

Clyde Haldane, Roger Haldane and Suzanne Haldane 

Brothers Clyde and Roger Haldane have been successful livestock breeders and visionaries in a number of fledgling Australian agriculture industries, including SA tuna and prawn fishing. Their names will be familiar to any alpaca breeders around the world and are associated with quality of breeding and enduring bloodlines. 

If you are interested in reading more about the Haldanes adventures through life please click on the link below to go to our Shaw River Buffalo Cheese website. 

Roger & Suzanne 
Founders & Owners 

Roger and Sue have raised 5 children while still pursuing their dreams. Dad is an ideas man with many talents, including farming, cheese-making, accomplished artist, children's book writer and illustrator, fisherman and boat-builder. 

Mum is the family backbone and is a wonderful "Nanna Sue" to their 8 grandchildren. She is involved with the farming and cheese business in many roles.