Our Farm and Surrounds

Our Farm

The horses live in Yambuk, South West Victoria, Australia. Normally we have warm to hot summers and wet, windy winters. It's often windy in Yambuk ( just so you know) and during Autumn/Winter you might find we've shut the farm as its so hard to find a nice dry, clear day with no mud to visit! 

The horse farm is also right next to our buffalo cheese factory . We have about 400 Italian water buffalo whom we milk and make their beautiful white milk into cheese and yoghurt on site. They love the wet muddy winters! 

Our horses are out in big paddocks and large groups for much of the year. We are blessed with a great driveway, perfect for a tolt and spot of flyingpace up to the yards. Rides at the Yambuk beach, around town and with local riding groups get us out and about in nature for some fun training. 

Yambuk and Port Fairy 

Yambuk is a bit of a hidden gem. It's only a tiny town, pub, fire shed, generalstore/postoffice plus 20 or so houses in the township. If you go down to the Yambuk Lake though you will find a little patch of paradise with a beautiful beach for a long walk in the sand down to the river mouth. The "lake" and river are ideal for fishing, bbq , boating, a play in the playground or some fun at the "Yambuk Slide". 

Only 20 mins away  is Port Fairy, a gorgeous spot for a seaside holiday. The town is small and quaint with great boutique shopping and many gourmet restaurants.

Our dad Roger is originally from Port Fairy,where his grandfather was the last lighthouse keeper on Griffiths Island.

Port Fairy holds many events each year including the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Winter weekends, Exlibris and Spring music fest. See the whales in winter, surf, swim, fish all year round at the beautiful beaches. 

Make a holiday out of a visit to our farm. Drive the Great Ocean road and check out the accommodation, and events on in our local area. More info at Port Fairy Tourist information website. 

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