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The originals! 

Our first Icelandic Horses were imported from Denmark in the mid 1990's

They were bought from Gudanadalen Stud. Clyde selected 6 seperate pairs related by their fathers plus one unrelated filly. 

We have 3 of the original horses still in our herd enjoying their retirement. 


Galdur fra Daeli: born Iceland

Gledi fra Daeli: born Iceland

Stikla fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Saela fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Blika fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Saga fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Venus fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Visna fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark

Geira fra Gudenadalen: born Denmark


Uncle Clyde imported a young stallion Tandri Von Roetgen from Germany in 2005. His 1/2 brother Gneisti Von Roetgen was imported to NZ at the same time by the Vinbrux family of Vindholar Southern Icelandics. He has since moved to Australia and is standing at stud at Narrawin. Tandri has been a very good stallion for us here with many lovely offspring. 

Tandri Von Roetgen 


Haukur fra Studlum 


To further improve our herd we bought in palmino stallion Haukur fra Studlum from Iceland in 2009. He's a wonderful ambassador for the breed, with his easy going personality, ability to take him out and about and be ridden by many abilities of rider, showing off the ease of tolt. 

Haukurs offspring and grandbabies are really lovely and we are so pleased to have found such an amazing  boy.

Many thanks to Karen Woodrow for helping Amy to find Haukur when she visited Iceland in 2009. 

He was well trained in Iceland and judged first prize. 

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