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Geldings for sale

We are just waiting for the last of the foals to be born this season before making final decisions on what horses may be added to the sales list this year. Anything we have this year for sale will not be a trained riding horse. Likely to either be a horse ready to start it's journey under saddle or a young horse with a few years to wait before becoming a riding horse.
If you're looking for a trained riding horse for sale please contact Megalong Valley Icelandic Horses or see whats for sale on the IHAA website

If you need saddles, icelandic riding gear or some help with tacking out your horse, or yourself, I have quite a lot of lovely things in stock from really good brands, such as Eques dk and Nordic-Horse. Plus I can easily order items in if I don't have it in stock. 

PIC - 3MYXM020


Sorry we have no ridden geldings for sale at the moment. 

Check back later in the year or please contact one of the other studs - links in the box above ! 





DOB: 8/3/2015

SEX: to be gelded 
COLOUR: Chestnut

DAM: Appelsinna from Haldane Au

SIRE: Gyllir from Haldane  AU

Gjorvi is growing into a very handsome young man. Both his parents are friendly easy going riding horses.

Gjorvi is approx 135cm tall and at this stage quite lightly and athletically built. He's probably going to be most suitable for a confident, experienced, small to medium build rider. 

Gjorvi is still waiting to be gelded - as this requires a special trip to a vet several hours away,
Covid and general life keeps getting in the way of our plans for him and it will be some months still before he is gelded and ready for a new owner. ( Jan 2022)  

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