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The Boys

Geldings for sale

Some new horses added here and to the mares and fillies for sale page. 

( these prices valid till 30/06/2024 unless horses go into more intensive training and price will then be reflective of this! 

Give me a call for more info on any of them & to arrange a farm visit. 

If you need saddles, Icelandic riding gear or some help with tacking out your horse, or yourself, I do that too and have quite a lot of great items in stock from really good brands, such as Eques dk and Nordic-Horse. Check out this page for more info . 

PIC - 3MYXM020

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We have no ridden geldings for sale at the moment. 


from Haldane

DOB: 5/11/2019

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Black and white pinto

DAM: Loa from Haldane

SIRE: Lotto Von Svalda-Kol-Kir 

HEIGHT: 131 cm approx april 24

Rokkari ( Rocky) is a stunning boy with very pretty markings. 

In the icelandic tradition he has so far been only lightly handled. Allowed to grow up in the boy herd in big paddocks, he's enjoying life, playing, socialising and maturing. 

Basic handling to do the regular health routines here like having his feet done, wormed and vaccinated. 

He's now starting to actively seek out our company and contact. 

So far I find him to be a combination of sensitive/reactive and quick to learn.

Most likely a calm, patient, experienced handler would bring out the best of him and set him up well for his adventures in life.He's at the perfect age to start prep for being a riding horse.

PRICE: $9,350 inc GST  

Rokkari foal.jpg
2021-03-19 07.49.15 Rokkari.jpg


Bóas from Haldane

DOB: 6/12/2021

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Palamino

DAM: Dreyra from Haldane

SIRE: Haukur fra Studlum imp IS

Boas - aka "Bo" 

One of the first ones to walk towards me each day and follow on my herd checks.

He’s very smart, eager to please, and growing into a big handsome fellow. 

I love working with him because he's so wonderfully clever and tunes in quickly. 

PRICE: $7,700 inc GST 

palamino icelandic horse.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 5/01/2022

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Palamino 

DAM: Æskurós from Haldane

SIRE: Haukur fra Studlum 

Dynfari – paddock name “Dean”

This guy is heaps of fun. He has a 

lovely easy going character, with a great sense of humour.

A good mind that is full of curiosity and wants to be part of things. 

DYNFARI has found his forever home in Tassie. We wish him & his new mum wonderful adventures together. 


2022-09-07 15.57.55.jpg
icelandic gelding for sale.jpg
dynfari icelandic horse.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 1/01/2022

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Palamino 

DAM: Diva from Haldane

SIRE: Haukur fra Stuðlum

We are enjoying working with Kaleo. He's a friendly pretty mild mannered guy. 

Smart and fun. He's probably not going to be a terribly tall horse but tha'ts not necessary for everyone anyways. 

He got his name because he was such a talkative little foal and we gave him a musical name from an Icelandic band! 

Price $7,700 inc GST 

kaleo 2.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 13/01/2022

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Cremello 

DAM: Valros from Haldane

SIRE: Solon from Haldane  

Our blue eyed beautiful boy. 

He's had a recent growth spurt too and while in kind of a cute ugly duckling stage we know that he's going to be glorious when he gets through it! 

Sweet natured, very smart and sensitive ( in a good way) and so nice to work with. 


PRICE: $7,700 inc GST 

seidur dec.jpg
seidur  cremello horse.jpg
Icelandic gelding for sale australia cremello

from Haldane

DOB: 3/02/2022

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Chestnut with star

DAM: Loa from Haldane

SIRE: Gneisti Von Roetgen 

Eldvaki is just a little hug in a chestnut bottle. A sweet, kind, friendly soft eyed darling. Smart, kind, fun to work with. 

Easy to spent time hanging out enjoying his company. 

Lots or really awesome family riding horses in his line & he's shaping up to have a great personality for this too. 


PRICE: $7,700 inc GST 

eldvaki 1.jpg
eldvaki 2.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 12/02/2022

SEX: Gelding

COLOUR:  Dark Blue Dun

DAM: Þága from Haldane

SIRE: Tandri Von Roetgen

Another sweet natured young man. Beautiful colour, nice, friendly and curious. My feeling is that he’s a smart cookie who is going to be most content when his owner is self aware and wants to have a fun partnership not just dictate terms. 

Eager to please and easy to read.

PRICE: $7,700 inc GST 

2022-04-11 09.43.18.jpg
blafari halter.jpg

Please get in touch if you're curious to know how to fill that Icelandic horse shaped hole in your life/paddock. 

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