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from dreaming it

 to living it! 

Buying a horse from Haldane Icelandic Horses

So you've been dreaming about buying an icelandic horse. 

Be warned they say there is an " icelandic horse bug" and once you've been bitten it can be hard to shake! 

Here are a few ways we can help you: 

  • not sure if they are the right breed for you? Give Amy a call and talk about your needs and see if they still feel like the right fit. 

  • book in a visit to the farm, where we will introduce you to the herd. Meet the young horses, mares and stallions. Get an introduction to the nature of the icelandic breed and see what personalities and types feel like you. 

  • Hop on and ride if you'd like to. We are there to set you up and help you get your mojo on - even if you're a nervous rider! It's not about looking pretty, just starting where you are and building on it! 

  • Try out some of the horses for sale. Spend time with, do some groundwork or hop on and ride. This may include visiting the farm several times. Whatever works. Take your time and start building a connection with the horses. 

  • Pick our brains. We've been doing this a long time and while we might not know all the answers we have lots of ways of finding out. There are no stupid questions. Our learning curve felt very steep when we first started so we get how overwhelming it can seem at first. Just remember they are a horse and most things are the same, even though they have a different gear box. 

  • Ask us about our payment plans. We realize horse ownership is a big investment and we are happy to talk about payment options so that you don' t miss out on your dream ride. Flexible and tailored to individual needs. 

  • Follow up advice and support. Sometimes buying a horse and finally having it at home can be a bit like bringing home your first baby from hospital. Suddenly you have a head full of questions, are you doing this right, what other things can I do, do I have the right gear, what is everyone else doing etc... Feel free to pick up the phone and ask us. 

  • Match making - after so many years we are getting pretty good at matching owners to horses. We know most of the horses and bloodlines in Australia as well as having seen so many of the parents, siblings going under saddle. We've also been hands on with all the babies since they were born to where they are now so we feel that we can give pretty good advice on how a horse might turn out. 

  • Export/Import - We've sold several horses to NZ as well as brought in horses and other animals from overseas. Happy to help where we can. On a side note - Our waterbuffalo herd are one of the only ones in the world that can be exported to other countries because of its unique health status. We've sold small breeding herds to countries such as Japan and South Africa.  

Reserving and Sales Process: So you've decide which horse you'd like so what next? 

  • Contact Amy and let her know which horse you'd like and talk through your ideas on timing, payment options, any questions etc... 

  • Reserve the horse by sending through a 10% deposit

  • We will write up a sales contract pending successful vet check, including payment details, date for horse to leave the farm, any additional board, training arrangements, and discuss any changes that need to be made. Sign contract and we will then have the horse vet checked for basic insurance purposes ( at our cost). If vet check is not satisfactory we will contact you to talk about your thoughts otherwise will send you the full vet check for your records. 

  • Insure we recommend that horses are insured for the full purchase price as soon as possible ( a vet check is usually only valid for insurance purposes for 7 - 10 days, depending on who you choose to insure with) at least to cover them until they are paid off in full and safely delivered and settled in.

  • Health Check We provide a basic health check from our vets for mortality insurance. If you would like a more extensive vet check or full pre purchase exam then you are welcome to discuss with our vets and pay for it yourself. Should there be anything we thought a major health problem with the horse it's something we would discuss with you before we got to the Vet check. 

  • Delivery : you arrange suitable transport and we will liaise with you and transport company to get the horse safely loaded. We do reserve the right to refuse transport that is not suitable, putting the health and welfare of the horse at serious risk. 

  • Follow up support - see paragraph on this above! 

  • Transfer of ownership - once full payment has been received then we will send through the relevant information to the IHAA worldfengur registrar ownership details to be changed on Worldfengur

icelandic mares for sale

Sometimes we may have mares and fillies for sale.  If you dont find your dream horse on our sales page please feel free to contact Amy and talk about what you are looking for. We may have a horse out in the paddock that might be suitable but just not advertised right now. 

Icelandic geldings for sale

From time to time we have horses available for sale. Check out our Geldings page to see whom is available now. 

Due to the small number of Icelandic horses in Australia there are few riding aged horses available each year. 

Icelandic Tack and Gifts for Sale at Haldane Icelandic Horses
TACK and GIFTS for sale


For advice on Icelandic horse tack we are very happy to talk about different brands and options out there. Amy has access to several well know brands and we've been road testing lots of different things here over the years. 

Our tack page has more information on what Amy has in stock or can be ordered. 

Icelandic Horse training at Haldane Icelandic Horses

If you're interested in how we train our horses, Amy has written a bit about how and why we do what we do on a seperate page. We hope it gives you an insight in to the world of our icelandic horses. Our views and any changes we've made over the years to how we approach training have come through much trial and error. 

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