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Mares and Fillies for sale

MAY 2024

New Horses Listed! Please let me know if you would like any more information on any of these horses or have something specific in mind not listed. 

Prices include GST and are subject to change with more training. 


If you need Icelandic saddles, Icelandic riding gear or some help with tacking out your horse, or yourself, I have quite a lot of great things in stock from really good brands, such as Eques dk and Nordic-Horse. Plus I can easily order items in if I don't have it in stock. 

PIC - 3MYXM020

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from Haldane

DOB: 4/04/2015

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Blue Dun with star

DAM: Emma from Haldane

SIRE: Gyllir from Haldane  

Þága ( pronounced Thaga - like Saga with a Th) 

is a very interesting prospect.

She has had three foals to Tandri Von Roetgen and I have decided to keep her last foal Eisa ( the little chestnut dun in front of her in the picture), and offer Þága to a new home. 

Her other babies are Flink and Blafari  both from Tandri. 


Þága has just turned 9 which means she's a great age if anyone wanted to start her under saddle this winter. Also the prospect of taking her to a stallion coming breeding season if wanting to get into breeding. 

She's has pretty basic handling and has been so delightfully curious lately that it would be so nice for her to do more than sit in our paddock. 

Her mum Emma was a much loved riding  & clinic horse with offspring whom have made nice riding horses. 

Price: $11,500 inc GST


Thaga and Eisa.jpg
thaga star.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 26/01/2019

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Palamino

DAM: Laena from Haldane

SIRE: Haukur fra Studlum  

HEIGHT: approx 130cm 22/4/24

Morgundis is such a lovely, happy, friendly character. Eager to please, curious, funny and very much into what the people are doing. 

Her mum was one of my favourite riding horses and her dad is the original Golden Boy, everyones friend Haukur fra Studlum. Haukur is a first prize stallion imported from Icelandic. He has a super temperament and amazing tolt and pace. 

Morgundis is unstarted ( due to our time constraints). She's  really keen to learn and we would love to see her matched with her own human. 

She has had some basic handling and is a pretty straight forward easy going icelandic that has amazing potential either as a riding horse, possible breeding mare and companion. 

Price: $11,500 inc GST


morgundis icelandic horse_edited.jpg



from Haldane


DOB: 29/02/2016

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Dark Chestnut

DAM: Peach from Haldane

SIRE: Halfdan from Haldane 

Ploma ( aka Plum) has just turned 5 years old and in March 2021 is coming back into training. 

She had approx 6 weeks training with Scott from Maneline Education in early 2020. Started under saddle and ridden out. 

We then gave her a break to grow and mature. 

She is a very pretty, friendly and fun horse to hang out with. Show s a lot of promising movement and gait. 

As of March 2021 she is coming back into training at Hestaviska at Arthurs Creek on the outskirts of Melbourne with Renska Younger. 

She will be able to be viewed there by apt mid March onwards. 

Will post more on her training progress here and on the blog. 

Price: $13,000 + GST (Price subject to  change as she come back into training) 

sugar plum.jpg


from Haldane


So pleased that Lilja has found her very special human. 

We hope they will both enjoy lots of amazing rides, adventures and cuddles together. 

2021-03-01 09.59.56.jpg
icelandic mare lilja.jpg
2021-02-09 21.02.31.jpg


from Haldane

DOB: 28/12/2021

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Chestnut with stripe and snip

DAM: Gja from Haldane

SIRE: Halfdan from Haldane 

HEIGHT: approx 130 24/4/24

Gaja is a darling young filly.

Gorgeous to look at and uncomplicated character. 

A great opportunity to buy a young icelandic filly at a reasonable price to train and develop a partnership with. 

She brings a lot of joy into our lives and we hope that she will do the same for her new owner.   

Price: $10,450 inc GST


gaja summer.jpg
gaja with halter.jpg

Fjöður from Haldane

DOB: 30/01/2023

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Black ( Black brown) 

DAM: Dalastjarna from Haldane

SIRE: Kulur frá Háholti imp IS 

Fjöður ( feather) is a sweetie. We are only offering her for sale because we feel she is not getting near the amount of one on one with us and for her living in a herd as big as ours sucks! 

She has a curious and busy mind, always seeking us out for a cuddle. 

Price: $9,990 inc GST


feather and dala.jpg
feather side.jpg

from Haldane

DOB: 30/03/2023

SEX: Female

COLOUR:  Chestnut with star and snip

DAM: Peach from Haldane

SIRE: Halfdan from Haldane 

You may have seen this cutie on our socials as Orkedia ( Orchid) but apparently that name cant be used on Wordfengur for registration so we have gone for Orkudis which means the "Power fairy!" 

Orkudis has one full sister Ploma whom is already a riding horse and another one Valros whom we have kept as a broodmare. 

Orkudis is a lovely colour and has the sweetest temperament. 

Her mum Peach is one of our personal favourite horses ( if we have to confess favourites) who has a bunch of full and half siblings that are great, sensible riding horses. 

Her Dad Halfdan was easily trained under saddle and feels very grounded to ride. 

Price: $9,990 inc GST


orkudis summer.jpg
orchid fluffy hair.jpg
orkudis autumn.jpg

If you have any questions about the Icelandic Horse please get in touch with Amy. 

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