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Breeding Mares

We have some lovely mares at the farm and each of us has our own favourites or horses that naturally gravitate towards us.  

Click on the photos to the right to find out more about our gorgeous girls. 

  • We've got a large group of breeding mares, but only a few are picked each year to go to the stallions. It might be 2 one year or 20! Just depends on how many foals we have room to grow out. That may change with the seasons, or if we're looking at breeding some specific types one year. 

  • The girls don't go into the breeding herd until they are at least 4 years old, and are carefully chosen for type, temperament, unique genetics or qualities.  

  • They are joined in the paddock with the stallions and they also foal out in their groups with usually very little interference from us.

  • Most foals at our farm tend to born in the morning - often between 6 - 9 am. Best feeling driving into the farm and seeing a new baby with its mum. 

  • Stallions are chosen to enhance or improve the qualities of each mare. 

  • After years of breeding we now have a pretty good idea what kind of horses we might get from a mare/stallion combination. It can be a long wait - some 6 or more years from the first joining to see what the offsprings true potential under saddle is. 

  • When selecting mares and stallions we are able to use the virtual mate selection on WORLDFENGUR to help us. It tells us how closely related the stallion and mare are, possibility of five or four gaited, as well as the potential colour combinations we could expect.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our girls. 

Come and meet them one day. 

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