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Farm Shut for winter 2021

These last few months have flown by.

Some lovely horses found equally lovely owners and we're running low on horses to list again and time.

So as the days get shorter and the weather colder and more likely to be rain/mud/wind for months, we are now closing the farm for visitors.

We'll be still here popping onto social media every now and again and here to answer questions about the breed.

If your question is "what horses do you have for sale?" then please contact one of the other breeders as they may have something.available before we do. 

We won't be posting our next sales list until probably October 2021. 

If you're after saddles, tack or icelandic riding gear I have a great selection in stock and can easily order more. So give me a call, FB messenger or email 

Stay warm, dry and happy this winter.

Best wishes from Amy and the Herd. 


winter clothing.jpg

Let's try again next year!

ooops 2020 didn't quite pan out the way we'd imagined. We've shut the farm for the year and waiting for our new foals to be born before deciding our new sales list of horses. 

Saturday 13th JULY 2019

tour 13th july 2019 flyer photo.jpg

Cancelled due to bad weather forecast!  

Icelandic Horse Riding Lessons

23rd and 24th Feb 2019

Lessons with Franziska

Drop everything!

Come and try riding an Icelandic horse under the instruction of a very experienced Icelandic Horse Trainer. 

Franziska Solte is making a short visit to us in Australia and has offered this amazing opportunity to help people try the gaits of the Icelandic horse, and for those whom already own an Icelandic the chance to benefit from her experience. She has trained as a horse master with focus on breeding and husbandry, IPZV trainer B and API examiner. For more information about Franziska head over to her website - 


$65 for 1 lesson 

$80 for 2 on the same day

Borrow one of our "Haldane Team" lesson horses or bring your own icelandic. Suitable for rusty riders to experienced! 

So dust off those jods, throw on a pair of boots and join us for some fun! 

Bookings please contact Amy on 0431815880, through our Haldane Icelandic Horses Facebook messenger or send me a message via the website.

Previous Clinics

3rd and 4th November 2018 

Haldane Icelandic Horses, Yambuk

CLINIC with Dutch Icelandic Horse Trainer Maaike. 

We were very pleased to be able to host a clinic with Maaike - a very experienced a amazing instructor at Haldane Icelandic Horses. It was exciting to see people arriving with their own horses and be able to go away with such awesome feedback and lovely tips to help the rider and horse combinations move to the next level of their journey. 

Was impressive to see the change within in a few lessons. 

What a great bunch of people to spend the weekend with and the horses really did so well with the new environment and big days of learning. 

Thankyou Maaike and thankyou to all who attended. 

Enjoy putting those little gems of knowledge into action. 

Warmest wishes from the Haldane Team. 



We've been running and participating in Clinics in Australia since 2008. Either run by international trainers such as Robyn Hood, Herdis Reynisdottir, Maaike Burggrafer & Connected Riding instructors as well as with our ever changing team at the farm. It's great fun getting together with like - minded people, watching and learning new things! 

Previous Events 


we've proudly flown the Icelandic Flag in the Breeders Village at Equitana for 6 years now - including 1 Equitana Sydney, in partnership with Litli Stadur Icelandics for 5 out of those 6. 

There is certainly far more awareness of the Icelandic Horse breed now in Australia and we hope that a little of that is due to the hard work we've all put in talking to the public and the superb conduct of our Icelandic Horse Ambassadors. 


In the early days of training horses here we had so much fun taking our young horses in training to the Great Western Pleasure Ride. Fabulous setting for camping, amazing scenery to ride through and lots of fun for all ages. Family friendly the kids came too for several years - Thea and I taking it in terms to ride to and from the lunch stop - the other "mum/Aunty" doing kid duty. Nele from Litli Stadur would usually come too as well as any international visitors we had at the time. 

It was an amazing experience for all of us and nice to get the young horses out and about amongst other horses and likeminded people. Some great friendships forged from those days. 

We look forward to having a chance to go again in the future. Just need a few more horses old enough to go under saddle!! 

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