Haukur frá Stuðlum

Australias first 1st prize stallion


IS1986186055  Orri frá Þúfu 

Sire:  IS1994184184   Dynur frá Hvammi 

IS1978257277  Djásn frá Heiði 

IS1987186104  Páfi frá Kirkjubæ 

Dam:  IS1996287667  Þerna frá Arnarhóli

 IS1988287067  Vaka frá Arnarhóli


Haukur has over 60 babies registered on Worldfengur. His foals are typically easy going with lots of gait and very trainable. Here are a few photos of some of his offspring we've bred here in Australia. 

Olive from Haldane
Baby Apricot from Haldane
Gyllir from Haldane
Heidir from Haldane
Gullver and Heidir from Haldane
Peaches from Haldane w foal
Birta from Haldane
Ragnar from Haldane
Stjarni from Haldane
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Haukur frá Stuðlum is a first prize stallion we imported from Iceland in 2009. Haukur means "Hawk"

His bloodlines are impressive, with two Honor Prize parents. His father a famous Icelandic stallion Dynur frá Hvammi ( highest assessement score 8.47 and his mother Perna fra Arnaholi ( highest assessement 8.27). She is a wonderful broodmare with offspring whom have been doing very well in competitions and getting impressive scores at breed shows. Son Draupnir from Studlum judged total of 8.68 in 2016. 

Haukur was an obvious choice for us here at Haldane Icelandic horses. We were looking for a proven stallion with great Tolt, a horse that could be ridden by us (at that stage novice to intermediate riders) who would produce offspring suited for pleasure riding.

Amy had the joy of riding him for the 1st time in Iceland, and it didn't take too long for her to fall in love with him . She also had the opportunity to see his babies and grandbabies ... not bad for a 7 year stallion. Feedback from friends in Iceland whom have had some of his offspring come for training in the last years, have told us they are lovely horses, a pleasure to train with easy gaits. We bought Haukur from Viðar Ingólfsson in Iceland - www.tumi.is 

Since arriving in Australia after a long quarantine in the UK, Haukur has been out and about wooing the crowds at Equitana, been a film star, dragged down to the beach for photo shoots, and given us some gorgeous babies. We are very pleased with his Australian born offspring. Many are now going under saddle and are proving to be easy to train and fun to own. 

Haukur has over 60 offspring registered on Worldfengur. 

He's a very good dad, often acting as babysitter to the foals while the mares in his breeding group relax. 

If you come and visit the farm or attend a clinic Haukur is one of our most reliable lesson horse. He adapts well to new riders and instills confidence while giving the rider to chance to experience tolt on a well trained horse. 

Haukur is standing at stud at Haldane Icelandic horses this summer - Please contact Amy for more details. 

First Prize Stallion
Dark Palamino with star
Sire: IS1994184184   Dynur frá Hvammi - Chestnut 
Dam: IS1996287667  Þerna frá Arnarhóli - Palamino 
BLUP: 114 

Haukur frá Stuðlum

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