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IHAA icelandic horse clinic at Glenormiston

The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia played host to dutch Icelandic instructor Maiike Buggraffer at Glenormiston College, Victoria over the Easter weekend. She also followed this with a clinic up at Megalong Valley Icelandics in NSW.

A great group of people came from all over Australia for the clinic and we brought a few extra horses as did Nele (Litli Stadur Icelandics) for those people who flew in to have lessons on.

Was such a treat to meet several people finally in the flesh & to have an excuse to see a few old friends.

We brought with us Haukur, Tryggur and Alfur as the lesson horses as well as a couple of younger horses Heidir and Farandi for myself and 11 year old niece Jazmin to ride.

The facilities were great at Glenormiston and many of us chose to stay onsite in the old student accommodation, which made for a very relaxing few days.

Maaike was an excellent instructor who kept it simple for both horse and rider which resulted in some great improvements over the few days. Lots of helpful takeaway advice and plenty to practice when we got home. Thankyou so much, I feel like I have my mojo back!

Very proud of Jazmin as this was her first riding clinic. Maaike made her work hard, riding four different horses over the weekend. A wonderful way for her to learn more about how to approach riding tolt and improve her basic skills. By the end of the clinic her and Haukur the stallion were roaring around the arena in fast tolt which made her very very happy!

Big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to organise the clinic and Renska for suggesting Maaike as an instructor. Special thankyou to my Mum Sue for stopping by and helping us to pick up poo from the arena and tidy up at the end!

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