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Ok so it might look a but silly that my Closed sign says from 19th of October we're open again - but the October time slots for visits have already been filled. So we will be taking bookings for NOV, DEC 18 and 2019 visits from now on-wards. Hurry as there are limited dates put aside for visits.

We will still be around to answer questions about Icelandics etc... But we will not be releasing our full sales list until November now to allow plenty of time to prepare horses and look after the rest of the herd.

If you would like to be put on our list to receive an email with sales list when we send it out please contact Amy via info@icelandichorses.com.au, call 0431815880 or sent a message through the website contact info.

Have a lovely winter and we look forward to seeing you when the sun starts to shine!

Warmest wishes

Amy and the Haldane Icelandics team

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