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Sales Horses - to be released in NOV 2018

We have decided to hold back advertising horses for sale until NOVEMBER 2018. Why? We've shut the farm over winter so we can concentrate on training the young horses and get on top of the jobs around the farm, plus it's really not the nicest time of year for a visit to the mud filled farm! . Good things take time and worth waiting for! To make the whole experience of buying an icelandic horse much more pleasant and stress free for everyone we decided it would be a good idea to just wait a bit.

If you would like to make a booking to come down and meet the herd, and see the sales horses when we open again I am taking bookings now!

Am hoping I should have approx 17 gorgeous horses of mixed sex, age and training for sale in November. The biggest group of Icelandics for sale in Australia in one place!

I can help to match you with the horses which best suit your "wish list" , personality and abilities.

If you would like to have the list of sales horses when we release it in November via email please let me know!

Warmest wishes from Amy and the Haldane Icelandic team.

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