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We just love foaling season! Each year we patiently wait ...and wait for the first little ones to arrive. Nothing more exciting than turning up to do a foal check in the morning to see a healthy little bundle up and drinking. Extra big treat if you get to see one born.

This year our first foal arrived on the 6th of January. A handsome boy from Blið x Haukur.

Then it was all quiet on the foal front until the 26th when we've had 3 foals born a day apart.

Applesinna finally had hers - a drop dead gorgeous chestnut boy with star. He and his mum will be off to NSW to their new home in a few weeks. Was the best feeling facetiming the "you have a BABY!!" news to their new mum.

We had 8 foals this year - 4 girls and 4 boys. Super pleased with them all. Little sweeties.

Now to pick names for them all and wait for the next season.

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