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After an Icelandic Horse, Filly or Mare for sale in Australia?

Now that all our little 2023/2024 babies are safely hatched I've been able to look at the herd and earmark a few horses that would really like to find a new and loving home. Two of the first ones I've listed on the Mares and Fillies for sale page are a couple of favourites

Morgundis from Haldane and Gja from Haldane

Morgundis is 5 and so ready to become a riding horse. She's got the most adorable nature and personality. Her extended family have made amazing trail riding horses so I see that she has enormous potential to be such a fun partner for someone. Shes a bundle of laughs and a happy, cuddly girl. Also potential for breeding from amazing bloodlines if that's something your're also considering.

Gaja is a little bit younger but absolutely ready to start doing more in the world and starting her progress to also be a riding horse one day. Such a sweet soul, we hope you fall in love with her too.

So if you are after a lovely Icelandic Horse for sale please get in touch with Amy Haldane and Haldane Icelandic Horses and we'll see if we have your dream horse waiting for you.

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