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Closing farm for winter 2021

Every year we close the farm to visitors over winter.

This usually gives us a chance to catch up on jobs, let the horses out to the back paddocks and generally regroup.

The farm can get very wet and we're always dodging rain clouds, mud and puddles!

This year we're also shutting to give ourselves time to move and settle into a new farm in the district ; more on that as it all unfolds.

We've sold the horses we were planning to this year and super happy with the loving homes they have found. Now to wait for the first foals late in the year and to plan the next breeding season.

The farm may be shut & have no horses for sale right now but we are still around and will be posting on socials, selling icelandic horse tack etc... and around to help if anyone needs some honest advice on things Icelandic horses!

Stay safe and stay dry,

Amy and the herd

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