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Covid catch up!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Well it's been one hell of a year already. We're slowly getting more restrictions eased here in Victoria. The kids feel like they've been at home forever homeschooling. Which basically involves keeping the grocery shopping up to two teenage boys & hoping they actually turn up for some classes.

Our family are huggers so the social distancing has been a big adjustment, We've got so good at avoiding handshakes and wearing masks everywhere that I sometimes forget that it's ok when one of my teenage sons wants to give me a hug.

I've got part time work off-farm in Warrnambool which I'm extremely grateful for.

So while it would be nice to be out on the farm each day playing with horses during lockdown it hasn't quite worked out that way. Luckily my partner knows the horses well and has been able to feed out on my "work" days and check on them.

I had thought the "lockdowns" would mean I finally got to all those projects that I was always going to do when I had more time. Paint some paintings, have the house looking perfect, and have lots of free time for things like nanna naps in the middle of the day. Who was I kidding?Covid lockdowns somehow made more balls to attempt to juggle.

I don't mind living a socially distant life when I can still go and connect with the horses. Probably suits my introverted personality quite well. I'm not on the road as much as I used to be and it's certainly made me reevaluate my priorities. So much to be grateful for.

How are you all going with the new "normal"? Have you been effected in any way?

Has there been any unexpected positives for you? Do you have anything special you want to do when all the restrictions finally lift?

Sending you good wishes & lots of virtual hugs ... Amy and the herd.

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