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Do we have any horses for sale?

After a recent flurry of enquiries about horses for sale I thought I'd write a quick post about what our plans are.

Currently the farm is shut over winter and I have no horse advertised for sale.

Once the weather improves I will begin to select horses for sale and bring them into work, take some photos and if I feel they are ready for sale, advertise them on the sales pages of the website.

I'm aiming for advertising horse for sale again approx Oct/Nov 2020 so please keep checking back on the website for updates to the sales pages.

We sell horses of mixed ages ( from 1 yr old), with basic handling and sometimes have horses ready to go under saddle or with basic starting. It's rare for us to have a horse that is well trained under saddle for sale anymore, as good horses are usually snapped up fast before we have a chance to put lots of miles on them.

Where else can you look for Icelandic horses for sale at the moment?

  • Megalong Icelandic Horses : Megalong Valley Icelandics only sell horses trained under saddle. I sold a large group of horses to them early 2020 and they have some of these and their own horses in training at the moment. Please contact them for details of any horses they may have coming up for sale in the future.

  • Litli Stadur Icelandic Horses: a small stud close to us may have some horses for sale from time to time so check out their webpage for more details.

  • Icelandic Horse Association of Australia : they now have a news page advertising horses and gear for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to the small numbers of Icelandic horses in Australia ( approx 300 ) there are only a few horses available in the country each year. I have chosen to keep a large herd of breeding females, young females and stallions so I am limited to how many horses I will have to sell in the next couple of years. We are expecting 10 foals in 20/21 foaling season and what foals are born often dictates what horses I am willing to let go from the main herd.

Even though I don't have any horses advertised for sale right now and the farm is "closed" I am very happy to answer any questions you might have about the breed. I also sell saddles and riding equipment for Icelandic horses, gaited horses and pony/cob through my little store "Viking Rider".

Feel free to send me a message via the website or pick up the phone for a chat.

Warmest wishes from Amy and the Herd.

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