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Our new hobby! Counting Koalas!

This summer we've spent so much time walking around the farm and have had the opportunity to start to really get to know the Australian wildlife that shares the paddocks on the farm with the Icelandic Horses.

There seems to be an abundance of Koalas here on the 63 acres of Little Eden!

They are a healthy looking bunch. Don't seem to mind sharing paddocks with the cows and horses and we're getting to know which trees they are often in.

We have one row of trees by the top stock yards that we have nicknamed "Koala Alley" as there is normally a few camped out there.

The April 2024 Koala Count record so far stands at 18!!!

Some days we have time to count, sometimes not. It's also a delicate balance between getting a kinked neck looking up or tripping over from not looking down!

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