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The herd is on the move!

Well it's a pretty slow move but, for the last couple of years I've been running the horses between two farms. The old farm at Yambuk ( where the herd arrived in 2007) and the new farm at Tyrendarra. About a 15 min drive between the two of them.

The "new farm" was already called "Little Eden" and it really is a little patch of paradise.

So many amazing birds, lots of established trees and the stunning view over the dam. Plus the Koalas who adore the fact we've got lots of trees.

We've already done quite a bit to upgrade fences, add new troughs and start creating a paddock paradise kind of vibe which is also easy for one person to move and manage stock safely. Very thankful to some great fencing contractors to get it to this point. I have learnt so much about fencing, plumbing and electrical wiring in order to be able to finish stuff off, breathe life into fences and keep stock fenced in fed and watered!

As with these kind of projects there are a million things on the to do list and it's going to take some time, cash and sweat to get it to really feel like we're making headway. There will be some creative making do for awhile - but that's part of the fabulous adventure.

Little Eden is a little smaller too at 63 acres so we will looking to find the balance of herd size to create a sustainable situation for this property.

At the moment we've still got stock at both farms. The stallions have stayed at Yambuk until the fences are set up to properly manage them. We're working towards having everyone all here in 2024 so that we'll be able to wander out in our PJ's with a coffee and chat to the horses when we're all moved and settled.

In the meantime we're so incredibly grateful for amazing parents whom have allowed the dream at Little Eden to take shape and for each day that we get to spend out in nature in our little paradise in the gum trees.

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