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Update on sales horses.

I wrote a post late last year talking about plans for the sales horses. Lets say life has a way of changing plans and priorities and it's not gone the way I thought. But that's ok.

Now lockdowns are easing (AGAIN) we have had even more people asking me about buying an icelandic horse or coming for a visit.

It's been a very interesting year full of unforseen challenges.

Normally it's easy to work out a sales list but the foaling season didn't quite go as planned and through random and unrelated events I lost 2 foals and a very precious mare and her unborn baby. This is highly unusual for the icelandics and we are so grateful for all those other years when the foaling season went by without a hitch.

So I've had to rework what horses I'd been thinking of selling. I needed to look many years in the future to secure favourite bloodlines & make sure there are replacements coming through for mares that are going into retirement.

Finally I finished the mental tetris and have a few horses to put on the sales list and others will be added as they are ready for sale.

We work on "Horse Time" here - rather be a little slower getting them ready for sale and transport than to rush them and end up with issues that could have been avoided with the gift of time and patience.

Looking for a Riding Horse?

Ploma from Haldane : a lovely 5 year old mare.

She is conveniently located at HestaViska, in Arthurs Creek Vic, with

Renska for a few weeks training.

She had her initial training under saddle early 2020 with Scott from Maneline

Education & is ready to learn more. Plum shows lots of gait and nice action.

If you are looking for a sweet riding horse or know someone that is please feel to get in contact with either of us.

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