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Megalong Valley Icelandics - Visit

Imported Mares at Megalong Valley Icelandics

After Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, where we were promoting Shaw RIver Buffalo Cheese ( our other family business) we packed up our gear and headed up into the Blue Mountains to the Harris Familys Icelandic horse stud in the Megalong Valley.

Birta from Haldane ridden by Amy

Michelle Glorie from Holland and farm manager Mark made us feel very welcome and showed us around the farm and all the icelandics. I loved being able to see how the babies that came from our place were growing out and extra exciting to see some of them newly started and going under saddle. It's really like watching one of your children finally growing up and I was feeling like a very proud mum.

Mark and Michelle have really done a magnificent job with their training. I even got to have a little ride on Birta - Aria x Haukur daughter. Still smiling from the experience. Then to see how far Bils daughter Blaeja had come with her training I couldn't be happier. As a breeder it was important for me to see how the horses were going and to get feedback from people handling them away from our home environment.

Then I finally got to meet in person the new horses that David and Cathy imported from overseas. WOW!!! What a beautiful group. Unique colours, great bloodlines and by the looks of the foals they are producing the family have really done a great job selecting their core foundation herd. Even got to see one of the foals only a few days old ... so so cute.

Michelle gave me a great demo on Hagen their stallion imported from Iceland! What a lovely boy he is, another great ambassador of the breed.

The Icelandics have a wonderful home in the Megalong Valley. Driving in it was like arriving in paradise. No cell reception, no TV, Thea got a roaring fire going and read books while I followed Michelle around the horses, then walked around the creek

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