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Special Announcement!

exciting news

Firstly: We are so pleased to share the news that after a lovely visit from David and Cathy Harris of Megalong Icelandic Horses , recently, they will be purchasing close to a third of the Haldane Icelandic Herd. The horses will make the move to Megalong shortly where they will be trained and eventually offered for sale or become part of the farm team.

The Harris’ family have over the last few years have really done wonderful things for the Icelandic Horse breed in Australia. Importing brilliant bloodlines from overseas to complement and improve the breed, and offering trained horses for sale as well as riding lessons and clinics at the farm. They have also been very active promoting the breed in Australia and even overseas at WC Berlin recently. The herd at Megalong is growing rapidly with their own breeding program and the addition of these Haldane horses will help fill the demand for riding horses as they wait for their own bred horses to come of age.

Both studs have seen an increased interest and demand for trained Icelandic horses from Sydney and NSW areas lately so it’s a win – win for all. The group selected is of mixed ages, sex and bloodlines, whom will appeal to many different types of people and riding disciplines.

Of course we won’t have as many horses for sale for sometime – so please feel free to contact Megalong Valley Icelandics if you are looking for an Icelandic horse to buy, or one of the other smaller studs. As we have horses ready for sale in the future they will be advertised on the sales pages of our website again.

Secondly: Haldane Icelandic Horses is soon to be run by Amy Haldane with Roger and Sue taking a step towards retirement. With a slightly smaller herd, it will be much easier for this “one woman” band to focus on our lovely riding horses and core bloodlines. Things will be much the same, just on a bit smaller scale for awhile. Amy is looking at other ways to continue to promote the icelandics and spread joy into peoples lives with their unique qualities. She will also be able to dedicate more time to supplying Icelandic tack and resources through “Viking Rider” ( a little Australian based online store and possible physical shop) in the future.

Amy will still be posting fun adventures, stories and moments with the Icelandic horses on Haldane Icelandics’ FB, instagram and blog as per normal! Stay tuned for more news from the farm as we change things up a bit! And YES, we will be still open to people wanting to come and visit the herd and learn more about the breed. More details on what this looks like to come in future blog posts.

Please pop across to the Megalong Valley Icelandics website to read about the Harris familys’ Icelandic horse journey and the amazing adventures these little horses have taken them on. We highly recommend a visit to their beautiful farm to meet the herd. It’s truly a little patch of Icelandic horse paradise.

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