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Megalong Icelandic Horse Clinic and Open Night Nov 2017

Following our own clinic here in Victoria, Disa and I hopped in the car for a quick road trip up to the beautiful Blue Mountains, the home of Megalong Icelandic Horses. They had been busy preparing the horses and facilities for an Open Night plus two day clinic. Had the pleasure of watching the little horses we sold to Megalong a few years ago now going under saddle and practising their routines for the Open night. They were doing so well and had lots of mummy pride watching the babies all grown up. Mark, Michelle and Elisabeth have done a super job with their training.

Norse God Thor decided it was necessary to send plenty of rain ( and rumbles of thunder around the valley) in the lead up to the open day to properly show off the icelandics. While we all got a tad wet and the arena resembled a swimming pool the show went off in a spectacular showcase of the versatility of the breed.

Barrel racing, beer tolt, tolting with flags, demos to music, ponying, rounding up cattle, story telling on horseback, Harris family children parade which all ended with 3 horses ridden in the dark with fairy lights. That looked particularly amazing with the addition of the reflections in the puddles. Amazing horses, lovely food, company, and entertainment - what a great night!

Clinic with Disa kicked off the next day in better weather. For me a real treat to catch up with Icelandic horse owners in person for a change. Was so interesting watching everyones lessons, chatting horses and generally having fun.

Many thanks to the Harris Family, Mark and Michelle and all the others involved for your hospitality.

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