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Revisiting the old

How many of you have heaps of books, DVD's, magazines, pdf's, or saved videos about riding and horse training? How often do you go back and watch, read, flick through them?

I'm curious because yesterday I was watching an old youtube video and for some reason it really resonated with me much more than it ever had before. Yesterday it made perfect sense. I was relating it to certain horses, things I do well and don't do so well and was planning in my head little "virtual" riding scenarios with the information.

Often we have the resources with the answers, or the next step already in our possession. It's just the timing of when we pick them up as to how much we absorb or what is relevant.

As we grow, change our ideas or are faced with new challenges that we are "open" to that little gem or lightbulb moment we might have otherwise skimmed over at some other stage.

Sometimes they don't make sense until we have an opportunity to try and apply them. Maybe it opens up more questions or a bigger learning curve, but I think that's also half the fun of the journey we call life. Stretching us a bit more as we reach for that next goal.

So I challenge you to flick through and get reacquainted with your resource collection!

Do you have a favourite riding or training book or resource?

Feel free to share any of your own aha moments if you have any!

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."


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