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The first Icelandic Horses in Australia

You might be surprised to learn that there are records of Icelandic Horses in Australia as early as 1863. The earliest ones we've found records for came on the Venus from Liverpool. Here is the newspaper article from The Argus newspaper, Melbourne.

I can only imagine how interesting the journey would have been for these little horses.

They were then advertised for sale and sold at auction in February 1863.

I haven't done any more research yet into who they were sold to. That would be a fun thing to know one day if such records were ever kept.

I've also found a few other mentions of Icelandic ponies before our Uncle established the first foundation breeding herd in the mid 1990's. Will write about them in upcoming blog posts!

Please feel free to contact me if you know any fun history about the icelandic horse in Australia before the 1990's.

Have a fabulous day.

Amy and the herd.

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