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Current News

Farm is shut for visitors this winter while we attend to farm maintenance, husbandry and wade through mud! Looking forward to putting new sales horses on the lists and greeting visitors again in October. See our news and events page for opening times and booking arrangements. Have a happy winter everyone!





No plans to hold any of our own clinics at the farm 2015, but going off to do a few for our own interest instead late in the year!




Welcome to Haldane Icelandic Horses, the largest breeders of Icelandic horses this side of the equator.

Our Icelandic horses first arrived in Australia in the mid 90’s, with the importation of 9 horses from Denmark.

There are now close to 140 purebred Icelandic horses in the country.

Often referred to as the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) of the horse world these charming, sturdy and surefooted horses with their 5 natural gaits make for the ultimate riding experience.

The Icelandic horse has become one of the most popular riding horses in Europe and numbers in countries like USA and Canada are rising quickly as more and more people fall in love with them.

 We breed, sell, train and thoroughly enjoy promoting the Icelandic horse here in Australia.

Please feel free to contact us with your Icelandic horse related questions.

Have a wonderful day and we hope you enjoy visiting our website.

Amy & Thea



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