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What horses do we have for sale?

Our sales pages on the website look a little bare and there are a few good reasons for that.

One of the main ones is that we've sold what what was ready for sale and now we are waiting for the next lot of sale horses to be ready. They will be ready when they are ready. Their preparation for sale will be done on "horsetime" and take into account the individual horses needs for extra time to either mature or process their training. This "training" happens around, weather, farming commitments, family stuff and the seasonal activities on the farm.

Last seasons foals are still in the process of being weaned or newly weaned so they are likely to be into very late 2022/ mid 2023 before we had any of them ready to be listed for sale. We may choose to keep a number of them for our own breeding or potential riding horses.

There are only about 350 Icelandic horses in Australia, a fairly small number bred each year and it usually takes another 4+ years before they start the basics of becoming a riding horse. This year we have had so many wonderful enquiries from people wanting to buy a trained Icelandic horse from us and we just didn't have them available. It's great to see how popular they are becoming however there are still only so many horses bred each year and a limited amount of them will ever be put up for sale.

If you are looking for a trained horse then I suggest contacting Megalong Valley Icelandic horses and see what they have coming up. They are up in the Blue Mountains NSW and tend to sell trained horses. Megalong have been buying horses from us each year for the last few years so you will likely see some Haldane bred/Megalong trained horses for sale if you visit them. Along with offspring from their own amazing breeding stock.

The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia has links to the other Icelandic Horse studs in Australia and from time to time there are sales horses advertised on their blog.

For members of the IHAA you may also see horses advertised in the Tolt Talk magazine.

If you're waiting to fill that "Icelandic Horse sized hole" in your life and can't find the right horse yet, it's helpful to spend that waiting time getting riding and horsemanship lessons so that you can also be the kind of rider a horse dreams of too.

They are an amazing breed and people do eventually tend to find the right horse if that's really their goal. The community around the horses is also incredibly supportive so there are usually some lifelong friendships to be made and adventures to be had, with or without a horse.

Pop back later in the year to see what we have coming up for sale. If you find your dream horse elsewhere I'm happy to help with any questions or if you need to find tack for your horse as I import saddles, riding equipment and clothing too.

Keep up with news from the farm on our socials ( Haldane Icelandic Horses on Instagram and Facebook)

Best wishes from Amy and the Herd

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