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What Icelandic horses are for sale in 2024?

There is a super group of young geldings looking for their forever homes in 2024.

( details on the "Geldings for Sale" page, and some more blog posts come as extended profiles for each one!)

A few of their paddock mates headed off to their new homes late 2023 and we're loving the great photos and feedback as they settle in with their new families.

Once the foaling season this summer draws to a close we'll have a look at the herd and see if there are any other names that will join the list looking for a great partnership and new adventures.

If you'd like more info on any of our sales horses, want to have a chat about what you're looking for please send me a text/pick up the phone and we can see if you're dream horse is closer than you think!

Amy and the herd

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